Workplace Interior Design

Workplace Interior Design

People in the UK work longer hours on average than workers in almost every other EU country. With workers spending so much time in their workplace you’d think the interior design of working environments would be a high priority for company managers and directors, yet many people are still working in cramped offices and badly designed work spaces.

However those in charge of workplace layout could be missing a trick, as good interior design in the workplace can boost staff morale, increase productivity, help to attract and keep higher quality staff, and promote the image of the company.

If these benefits are something you’d like for your company then think about a little office interior design and redecorating. Simple things you can look at include:

Physical Layout – could the desks and chairs be better laid out giving workers more space? Is equipment in a suitable position? Think about the flow of work i.e. are the people sitting nearest the printer the people who use it the most? and so on.

Lighting – this doesn’t necessarily mean adding more light, look at how much natural light your workplace receives and then think about how the interior lighting complements that. For example, an office with strip lights, desk lamps and light from computers could mean it is more difficult for eyes to focus on computer screens through the different layers of light.

Colour – Colour is proven to have mood altering properties so adding a splash of colour could boost the mood in the workplace. However the colour of the walls also affects the amount of light in your working environment, for example white walls will reflect around 80% of light whereas black walls reflect only 5%. So if your office has very pale walls you may be able to reduce the amount of artificial light you use, reducing eyestrain and saving on the electricity bill as well!

These are just a few things you can look at, however if you’re just about to move into a new work space, or are thinking about redecorating the office then why not use an office interior designer. Not only will they look at the aesthetics of the project, but also the practicalities. They may also consider the ergonomics of your working environment.

Ergonomics looks at how workers interact with their working environment and tries to remove barriers to productivity. Investing a little money now could lead to a more productive workplace in the long run. If you want to find an office interior designer in your area, check out our business listings search.


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